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La Zagaleta

If you visit the beautiful town of Marbella in the south of Spain, just 10 minutes away is the estate of La Zagaleta. You can find the estate in the situated in the foothills of the Serrania de Ronda near Benahavis, a stunning location that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. If you want to visit the area, you will need to get special permission. This is just how exclusive La Zagaleta has become which makes it attractive to the rich and powerful.

What is La Zagaleta?

Located in a region known as Benahavis, La Zagaleta is one the most exclusive estates in all of Europe. A gated community for the rich and powerful, the emphasis is on luxury, secrecy, and wealth which makes it a highly desirable place to live for those who have the money. Currently, there are 230 houses that sit inside the complex. The value of the homes range from $6 million up to $30 million.

Before it became known as La Zagaleta, a village called La Baraka existed there until it was purchased by Adnan Khashoggi, a tycoon and notorious arms dealer. When Khashoggi was arrested, the land was put up for auction in 1989. Led by Enrique Perez Florez, a group of investors purchased the area which consisted of 900 hectares.

Who Lives in La Zagaleta?

The $64,000 question is who does live in this secret community? While the town of Marbella is one of the most popular resorts, the residents of La Zagaleta have managed for the most part to keep their identities secret, at least in terms of if they actually live in the gated community itself.

At first, this may seem quite remarkable given what a hot spot Marbella is for celebrities along with the rich and famous. With the town geared towards the high life, including several super clubs amid the natural splendor of this part of Spain. But in a strange way, Marbella being a magnet for the famous actually helps hide who lives in La Zagaleta.

Because no one without special permission is allowed to enter La Zagaleta and practically every celebrity or person of note has been seen in Marbella, deciphering who actually lives in La Zagaleta is not easy. When you consider the number of helipads that allow for residents to literally fly into their backyards and avoid the traffic, this makes it even more difficult to know. Add to this the rolling countryside that makes knowing who lives in the community even more problematic, and it is safe to assume that those who wish to keep their privacy can do so inside this community.

Of course, there are rumors that have indicated soccer superstar David Beckham and his family own a home in La Zagaleta. The fact that his four children have been seen running about in mini-Mercedes vehicles is a strong indication. Also, celebrities such as Rod Stewart and Hugh Grant have been rumored to own homes in the area. But that is all just rumor as there has been no official confirmation. Vladimir Putin is also known to own property in Zag.

So, no one can say for sure who is a resident of La Zagaleta unless the residents themselves say so. But that still leaves plenty of people who can keep their living status private when purchasing a home or villa in La Zagaleta.

Types of Homes in Zagaletta

As indicated by the prices, there are several different types and sizes of homes that are in La Zagaleta. One of the last villas that is up for sale is known as the Komorebi House. Located on a plot that is over 3,700m squared, the villa offers plenty of luxurious amenities including built-in Turkish baths. Plus, you can find a helipad, equestrian club, Michelin-star chefs, gardening and housekeeping services all for the price of the villa.

The eight bathrooms, seven bedrooms, sheltered garage for four vehicles, and spa only add to the remarkable luxury the home delivers. If you enjoy swimming in a heated indoor pool, floating about in an outdoor pool, relaxing in a sauna, working out in a gym, or taking advantage of the Turkish bath, then the Komorebi House is for you.

In addition, the villa overlooks the Mediterranean Sea which makes it one of the most desirable in all the region. The estimated value of Komorebi House is about $18 million. This is not surprising when you consider the nearly 700 square meters devoted to balcony space. From there, you can see the Monte Mayor mountains and the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Of course, not every home is like the Komorebi House. Some are larger and more luxurious while some are smaller and less well-equipped. However, even at $6 million which is the lowest estimated value, the owner still gets a very impressive place to stay.

In addition to the houses themselves, there are other amenities that all residents of this exclusive community can enjoy. The most common is the private transportation provided by helicopter, plane, or yacht. This means that residents can enjoy private shopping trips to luxury boutiques at a time of their choosing. For events in the area, Michelin-star chefs are available to prepare delicious meals. Add to this the two club houses, tennis courts, and even ping-pong tables and you have quite the selection of activities.

But there are the basics as well, which include mail pickup, delivery, and forwarding in addition to paying taxes, bills, keeping accounts, and even getting legal advice. Once the day-to-day necessities are taken care of, residents can take advantage of the two golf courses and stables if they care to take a ride. The 20 stables include a covered area for jumping along with training. Plus, if a resident has a favorite horse or two that they want to bring in, they can have them housed in the stables as long as they like.

La Zagaleta is one of the most fabulous and exclusive communities in the world. For the rich and famous, it is a haven where they can enjoy the best that life has to offer while keeping their privacy.

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