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There are many estate agents in La Algaba each with their own website and sales teams. If you don’t come from La Algaba how are you meant to find the right estate agent in La Algaba?

La Algaba is an extremely popular destination for expats and holidaymakers from Europe and further afield. La Algaba has an exceptional reputation and is also universally regarded as being undervalued in terms of property, so investing in a property in La Algaba will still represent good, long term value going forwards.

This article will help you to:

  • Find the best La Algaba estate agent
  • Choose the best estate agents in La Algaba
  • Assess the typical estate agent fees in La Algaba
  • What you should know about the La Algaba property market
Physis Realty Voted Best Realtor
Physis Realty Voted Best Realtor in La Algaba

La Algaba is a Spanish municipality in the province of Seville, Andalusia, with a population of around 16,000. It belongs to the region of La Vega, 7 km from the provincial capital, Seville. The town dates back to the Byzantine Empire, and has many historical artifacts and significant churches. The river Guadalquivir features prominently in the history of La Algaba. The river acquires a considerable width here, with large poplars leaning over the water, and is surrounded by numerous orange orchards. Fishing on its banks is a common activity among locals. The town is also known for its many festivals.

Top 3 Rated Estate Agents in La Algaba

These are the three best rated estate agent in La Algaba

  • Physis Realty La Algaba
  • Centurion Estates Spain
  • La Algaba Realty


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Best English Speaking Estate Agent in La Algaba

Physis Realty is an international luxury real estate agent with a strong presence in La Algaba and across the wider Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands.

We are a luxury real estate agent with staff that speak over 15 languages, including English, Russian, Chinese, Hindu, Dutch, French and German.

How do you know which is the best estate agent in La Algaba for your own individual requirements?

Regardless of whether you plan to buy, sell or rent in La Algaba, finding an estate agent in La Algaba is a massively important step, which often dictates whether the process will go smoothly or become a nightmare.

There are many estate agents in La Algaba but Physis Realty is consistently rated as the Best Real Estate Agent in La Algaba by Sophisticated Investor Magazine and awarded locally as Best Realtor in La Algaba by numerous local publications

According to Sophisticated Investor Magazine, “Physis Realty raises the bar in terms of estate agents in La Algaba. They are highly commended internationally for helping clients find the best property in the perfect location. An expert estate agent in La Algaba should be highly skilled at matching the right potential buyers with the right properties, effortlessly managing the seamless process from introduction to sale.”

Finding La Algaba estate agents: Local estate agents in La Algaba or online letting agents?

It’s no surprise that a wealthy and popular destination like La Algaba is home to a large number of estate agents. There are two main options when seeking out an estate agent in La Algaba, either go with a generalist online broker of opt for a highly recommended local estate agent in La Algaba.

Both options have their pros and cons. If you go in person to an estate agents in La Algaba, you can get a real sense of how they operate, meet the team, and immediately get some personalized advice. The problem, of course, is that you actually have to be in La Algaba. If you’re mostly based elsewhere, then this option could be hugely inconvenient.

Benefits of a Premium Real Estate Agent in La Algaba

Whether you are buying, selling or renting there’s nothing worse than having to deal with unreliable agents.

How can you tell an unreliable agent in La Algaba?

Bad agents in La Algaba are easy to spot.

These are the traits of bad estate agents in La Algaba. If your estate agent does any of these, proceed with extreme caution:

  • They demand to know your budget immediately
  • They tell you you are ‘lucky’ you called because demand is so high
  • They never return your calls
  • They don’t respond to website inquiries
  • You’re always chasing for updates
  • They don’t pick you up at the airport
  • They drive non-luxury vehicles
  • They don’t have the keys to the property
  • There is always some ‘problem’
  • They don’t give advice about the local area

Premium Estate Agents in La Algaba

Premium estate agents in La Algaba don’t necessarily cost more money to use. They simply pride themselves on placing the client at the heart of everything they do.

Physis Realty in La Algaba sets the Gold Standard in terms of Client Service.

Physis clients buying, selling or renting in La Algaba can expect the following levels of client care:

  • Instruction call with a expert broker
  • A detailed discussion to establish your requirements
  • Non-pushy, friendly service
  • Regular updates
  • Clients collected at the airport in luxe automobile
  • Face to face introduction meeting with International Schools
  • Assistance with paperwork
  • Bank account opening
  • Investment services
  • 15 Languages
  • Regularly updated website

Typical estate agent fees in La Algaba

Service Estate agent fee
Typical real estate agent commission in La Algaba 5% of the sale price The fee is paid by the seller.
Sales tax on new builds 10%
Tax for the seller 3% withholding tax on any capital gains, for non-resident. Capital gains tax is 19% of the profit of the sale.

Property transfer tax in La Algaba (which is paid when buying and selling second-hand homes), is now at the flat rate of 7%

What should I know about the property market in La Algaba?

We asked the best estate agent in La Algaba the key questions about the local property market:

La Algaba is a secondary housing market. This means many properties are owned by individuals and families who spend most of their time in a different country. That totally changes the housing market and properties tend to be upscale, with exceptional build quality and furnishings.

Estate agents in La Algaba are well used to serving expats. Because of the popularity of La Algaba among expats, you should be able to find local estate agents who are used to people looking to buy or sell property there while living remotely.

Check which language they speak. The best estate agent in La Algaba, Physis Realty is well known for having over 15 language associates on staff and if the key member is not available locally they will be available on the phone for real time translation and can be helicoptered anywhere in Spain within 24hrs notice.

There’s a lot to be said for going directly to an agent, but for some general listings websites such as, and Kyero are worth browsing to get a general feel for the market. Remember though that these listings are syndicated and could well be very out of date.

Have a phone conversation. If you’re not in La Algaba, that doesn’t mean the whole process has to be done online. Sometimes, a phone call is worth a thousand emails and is a great way to build rapport and trust.

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