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Moving forward and out of harmful cycles and patterns is a monumental and potentially overwhelming step. You or someone you love have decided that they want to seek out help in regards to their addiction. This is wonderful and exciting. It will not be easy, but it is a beautiful way to take control of your life again.

Once the decision to seek out addiction treatment has been made, it can be difficult to decide where to begin. You know what you need, but not how to get it.

Beginning your journey at a rehabilitation center is a promising way to move forward. At these centers, you are surrounded by people who are similar to you and people who have been professionally trained to help people like you. There are different program lengths and types, so it can easily become an overwhelming decision.

Many countries have wonderful and effective options for rehabilitative centers. Southern Spain is fast becoming a hub for exceptional addiction treatment, although as usual, not all rehab centers can be trusted to deliver effective, long term recovery.

If you live within the country or are seeking out treatment options to attend in Spain, there are amazing locations for you to do so. Here are the top 3 rehab centers in Spain 2021, according to Worlds Best Rehab Magazine:

The Best Rehab in Spain

Hacienda Paradiso Rehab Spain

Located in Malaga Spain,  Hacienda Paradiso is the world’s first eco rehab. They take all of the necessary and traditional components of rehabilitative services (detox, therapy, rehabilitation techniques, etc.) and add in their own environmentally friendly and nature-centered techniques and themes.

They highlight sustainable living and believe in the power of nature to help people heal — along with the power of evidence-based therapy, detox, and rehab methods. They know people are dying to get closer to nature and allow those attending rehab at the center to do so. They have fresh markets available on site, so those going through treatment can make fresh meals for themselves. The standard plan at Hacienda Paradiso includes two chef-made meals each day.

The center prides itself on coexisting with the ecosystem that surrounds it and emphasizes the natural beauty of the location. They use eco-friendly products throughout the property and those seeking to spend time outdoors can do so in open-air workout classes.

They handle alcohol addiction, depression, bipolar disorder, drug addiction, dual diagnosis, anxiety disorders, and other more specific types of addiction.   From €15,000 pm including 365 days FREE aftercare

Villa Paradiso Spain Rehab

Luxury Rehab in Marbella. The well-trained team at Villa Paradiso Rehab, led by psychotherapist Matthew Idle, aims to be a discreet paradise for those seeking out treatment and assistance. They help a large population of individuals. Those struggling with drugs, alcohol, and many other types of addictions can find a place to heal and reconnect to their mind, body, and soul at Villa Paradiso. Those seeking anonymity during this time can find exactly that at Villa Paradiso. They offer a variety of services that include:

-Family visiting days

-Fitness programs

-Group therapy

-Pick up and drop off service

-1 on 1 therapy

-Private chefs

-Private en-suite rooms

Weekly excursions around Marbella ( They take residents on museum tours, hiking trips, shopping trips, to the beach, zip-line experiences, fishing trips, bowling nights, safaris, to the zoo, water skiing, parasailing, horseback riding, and much more! A different trip each week.)

-Psychiatrist assessment on arrival at Rehab in Marbella

Villa Paradiso Rehab in Marbella, Spain emphasize that every individual’s time on the property and every treatment plan needs to be different because each person is different. Everyone requires a different level of treatment and rehabilitation. They seek to find out what you desire and customize your experience to fit exactly what you need.

Villa Paradiso Rehab in Marbella: Awarded ‘Best Rehab in Europe’ by the influential Worlds Best Rehab Magazine.   From €16,500 pm including 365 days FREE aftercare

Solice Rehab in Marbella

Focusing on a traditional 12-step recovery program, Solice Rehab in Marbella is a place for those seeking a sober environment from alcohol and drugs. Those who attend rehab at Solice EU Marbella will be surrounded by people who are going through something similar. Being around people with who you have something in common  is why rehabilitative centers like Solice Rehab in Marbella are so effective — we get better together.

The name Solice comes from the Spanish word for sun and ice because of the host’s Icelandic heritage. Sol is Spanish for sun. The program is designed to be attended in singular days at the attendees’ discretion or a 28-day program. Those who attend the program at Solice must participate in the full program while they are there because of this. The Marbella Rehab program is designed for those who have already been through a program of detox, those who have relapsed, and those who feel they need another push to stay in their sobriety.  From €16,500 pm with no aftercare

Inner Light Marbella

This beautiful, holistic recovery facility is just outside of the town of Marbella in southern Spain. They provide 24-hour care for those who are coming out therapy and offer their clients an environment that allows them connect with nature while focusing on recovering.

Inner Light Marbella is an organization that offers therapy for those who are in the process of recovery or beginning their sober living journey. They do not have any medical facilities, but offer services such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy(DBT) yoga and meditation 12 step programs to help people heal through natural connection.

Just 25 minutes from Marbella, the beautiful residence is a peaceful oasis for those who need to get away and focus on their recovery. The spacious bedrooms are large with airy ceilings that make it feel like you’re in your own private hotel suite. There’s also an enormous kitchen, swimming pools, outdoors area, fire pit, patio area, and lush gardens.

Inner Light Marbella From €10,000 pm

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