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Sierra Blanca

Sierra Blanca

One of the most sought-after communities in the Costa del Sol area, Sierra Blanca offers spectacular views, luxury real estate, and one of the best micro-climate conditions thanks to the nearby mountains. This means that you overlook the coast, the city, and the nearby mountain range in one of the most incredible locations in the region.

Part of the fabulous city of Marbella, Sierra Blanca is located just to the north of the AP7 toll highway and The Golden Mile. While the surroundings make you feel like being in a small town, its convenient location makes community to the heart of Marbella a breeze.

What is Sierra Blanca?

Sierra Blanca is an exclusive estate that is spread across over 25 hectares. Taking its name from the nearby mountain ranges, this community is most noted for its expensive villas that range from €2 million to €10 million in price. However, there are also luxurious townhouses and apartments that dot the area as well.

Perhaps it is not surprising that many families live in the community, which boasts one of the more celebrated schools in the region. It also helps that the combination of proximity to the sea and mountains has created a micro-climate that is pleasing for most of the year. This is because the community is not subject to wild temperature variations and stays mostly comfortable the year-round.

Privacy, fast access to all the amenities that Marbella has to offer, and the incredible view of the Mediterranean Sea make Sierra Blanca the place for the rich and powerful to live and tourists to visit. But in addition to the tremendous shopping, eating, and leisure activities, there are other perks for those who live among the splendor that is Sierra Blanca.

Who Lives in Sierra Blanca?

The incredible setting has made it quite popular with the rich and famous, particularly those from Germany, Scandinavia, Russia, Netherlands, and the UK. Arguably the most notable figure currently residing in Sierra Blanca is Simon Cowell, the famous music producer. But there are many other celebrities and notables who have a home in this incredible location.

What Makes Sierra Blanca Unique?

It is expected that this gated community features some remarkable villas, townhouses, and apartments to rent. But everything that makes Sierra Blanca unique starts with the setting. On a clear day, you can see the Mediterranean Coast, the opposing African Coast, and the iconic Rock of Gibraltar.

You can hike some of the many trails that lead into the foothills of the La Concha mountains and Istan which serve as a backdrop to the community. Or you can stroll along the coast if you prefer to be near the water. And amid the spectacular setting is the town of Marbella itself complete with a wide array of restaurants, shops, and clubs.

Perhaps it is not any one thing, but all the elements that pull together that make Sierra Blanca a place where the rich and famous feel comfortable living. With all its attributes, it is still one of the more unique places to live in style and comfort.

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