Selling Property in Spain

Selling Property in Spain

Selling Property in Spain

Spain is a popular country for expats to relocate to. Why? The country offers expats a laidback lifestyle and in many areas of the country, you will experience days filled with sunshine. Yes, Spain is a popular country for expats to relocate to, which means you can see a nice return on investment when selling property in Spain.

The Spanish property market is regularly flooded with properties across the country. The top property portals (Physis Realty, Rightmove Spain, Idealista, etc) can get your house, office, or apartment in front of potential buyers from around the globe. If you want to sell your Spanish property, then you could see a strong windfall of money.

Selling Property in Spain with Physis Realty

Award-winning Physis Realty is the dominant brokerage in Spain and a leader in selling property in Spain to international buyers, specializing in the sale of exclusive properties in Marbella, Ibiza, Mallorca, Barcelona, and most desirable second home destinations.

Recently awarded for our professionalism, market knowledge and experience. Our dedicated team of multilingual Sales and Listings Agents are motivated to sell your property fast and at the right price.

Selling property in Spain with Physis Realty:

  • Market valuation of your property based on our bespoke and real time Spanish Property Index, as well as exceptional local knowledge
  • Professional property photos
  • Creation of property floor plans
  • Revision of all documentation relating to the sale of the property (Occupancy Certificate (Cédula de Habitabilidad), Land Registry Certificate (Nota Simple) etc)
  • Listing on our 22 language websites (1,650,000+ monthly visits)
  • Inclusion in our newsletters
  • Inclusion in our brochures
  • Off market promotion to our database of more than 2 million worldwide investors
  • Consideration for purchase by our own property fund
  • Benefit from Physis Realty experienced PR service
  • Listing on leading national and international portals
  • Inclusion in targeted national and international PR
  • Exposure on social media platforms
  • Dedicated account manager available by email and phone

Physis Realty Exclusive Sales Mandate

Exclusivity is the most effective way to sell your property. Because of the investment we make when selling property in Spain, Physis Realty only works on an exclusive basis.

Why Physis Realty only works on an exclusive basis

The value and exclusivity of a property can be significantly eroded when marketed by less professional agencies. Our experience has also proved that properties listed on an exclusive basis sell faster.

Selling property in Spain exclusively with Physis Realty

  • Featured property on all Physis Realty websites
  • Prominent feature at Global Property Expos
  • Professional staging option
  • Featured property on leading national portals
  • Inclusion in our property brochures
  • Inclusion in Physis Realty Property Lounges
  • Professional video of your property
  • Simulation using renders of a renovation project
Selling Property in Spain
Spanish Property Experts

Is it time to sell your Spanish property?

Recently, the Spanish property market has in increase of 4.68%. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, prices have ebbed and flowed. Yet, there is a strong belief that the COVID-19 pandemic will influence people to buy Spanish property rather than to put off a move. The worldwide pandemic led many individuals to act now rather than to put off a dream move that may never come.

With house prices in Spain ebbing and flowing, and having the potential to drop due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is wise to do your homework. The Spanish property market is difficult to fully grasp if you do not live in the country. Therefore, it is always best practice to speak with Physis Realty to give you the lay of the land.

Average prices for selling property in Spain

Statistic: Annual growth of the average new house price in Spain between June 2007 and June 2020 (in euros per square meter built) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

How to choose a Spanish estate agent to sell your property?

When selling property in Spain the best way to locate a good estate agent is to speak with other people who have sold their Spanish property. This is one of the best ways to get the name of an estate agent that can help you sell your home. Once you receive recommendations, don’t work with the very first estate agent you speak with. You should speak to multiple estate agents before finally deciding on which one to use.

One of the key pieces of experience an estate agent should have is previous work with individuals from the United Kingdom or Ireland. You need to know that they have the ability to work with expats and have a history of selling their properties. In addition to having experience with people from the UK or Ireland, the estate agent should belong to a professional real estate body like the FNAIM, SNPI, or UNPI.

You are legally allowed to use more than one estate agent, if you prefer. However, estate agents may enter into an exclusive contract with you. If this occurs, be sure to negotiate lower commission fees.

Estate agents are employed to sell your property, but not all homes are sold in a timely fashion by a firm. If you sign a contract, ensure there is a set timeline of exclusivity. The buyer-seller relationship may not work, and setting an exclusivity time limit allows you to change estate agents, if the property is not moved.

Selling a house isn’t free

When choosing an estate agent for selling property in Spain, you should consider the fees agents are paid for their services. An estate agent will receive anywhere between 3% and 6% of the sale price. Some Spanish estate agents will have higher fees for marketing and selling your property.

When the Spanish property market is up, estate agents tend to increase their fees to make more money when things are good. When the market is down, real estate firms typically lower their fees. A clear agreement needs to be struck with the estate agent in regards to charges. Remember, there are charges to be paid on top of the fee for selling the property. Before agreeing to any contract with an estate agent, get an outline of all the fees and charges that will be imposed.

As the property seller, not only will you need to pay a real estate agency commission of between 3% and 6%, but you must also pay for an energy performance certificate. The document costs between €150 and €500. In addition, capital gains tax, if you are selling the property for more than you the price you paid for it, must be sorted out. There is also the Plusvalía tax, which is a local fee that is paid to the municipality.

How to improve the sale of a home

Although Spain is an attractive country for expats to relocate to, properties may not simply fly off the shelf. An estate agent can only do so much when selling property in Spain. On occasions, there are reasons a property doesn’t sell and it isn’t the estate agent’s fault. There are ways you can improve the property for sale.

The most obvious way to improve the look of your property is to tidy it up. Many people put their properties onto the market without making any alterations to it to improve its look. A property full of your possessions doesn’t attract buyers. In fact, it is a turn off as many buyers cannot picture their own items in the property. In addition, make any repairs to the property that need to be done.

One of the best ways to attract an expat to purchase your property is to sell the furniture with it. Expats moving from abroad will need to either bring furniture with them or purchase it once securing a property. By selling the furniture with the home, you make it much more appealing.

Selling property in Spain can take a little bit of time. Therefore, you should get paperwork started in advance to speed up the sale. If the sales experience is long and drawn out, the potential buyer could pull out.

Another thing to consider during the sales process is the exchange rate. You could lose a significant amount of money due to the exchange rate between the pound and the euro. Many Spanish property sellers do not realise the difference when they begin the sales journey. Even a small difference or change to the exchange rate can make a major difference in the money you make off of the property.

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