Rightmove Spain

Rightmove Spain

Rightmove Spain: Where Spanish property dreams come true

If you want to relocate to Spain, then you need to find the right property location and price. Rightmove Spain can assist you with your move to the Iberian Peninsula no matter which city you want to relocate to. The company offers a variety of Spanish properties and there is likely to be one perfect for you.

What is Rightmove Spain?

Rightmove is the United Kingdom’s No. 1 property website. It advertises properties for estate agents, lettings agents, and new home developers in the UK and abroad. The company’s Rightmove Spain website is its property listings dedicated to the Iberian Peninsula country.

There are thousands of properties advertised on Rightmove Spain in cities across the country. You will find properties to let or purchase in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Sevilla. You will also find great properties available on the Costa del Sol, Costa del Brava, and the Costa Blanca.

Physis Realty on Rightmove Spain

Luxury property from Physis Realty often features in Rightmove Spain, although more recently the Physis Spanish Property Index™ indicates a move towards off-market exclusive property transactions, especially in the Spanish Luxury Property Market.

Brief History of Rightmove Spain

Rightmove was founded in 2000 as a joint business between four of the UK’s largest property agencies. Its creation saw Halifax, Countrywide plc, Royal and Sun Alliance, and Connells join together under one roof to form Rightmove.

In 2006, the company was listed on the London Stock Exchange and officially became a publicly traded company. Rightmove operates what is known as a two-sided model. It serves a large audience for property listings while also serving more than 20,000 advertisers of available properties.

The property group makes money from estate agents by listing available properties on its website. Real estate agents are also offered other advertising services. Rightmove releases a monthly House Price Index to illustrate the changes in the asking prices of houses in England and Wales as well as abroad.

Property for sale on Rightmove Spain

Spain is one of the most alluring destinations in all of Europe. Why? The southern coast of Spain gets hundreds of days of sun each year. For vitamin D starved British and Irish people, a move to Spain is a dream come true. There are a variety of properties available and you are spoiled for choice on Rightmove Spain. Whether an apartment, finca, villa, or large house, there are advertisements for properties that are certain to please.

Rightmove Spain showcases properties in all of the popular Spanish destinations. It offers properties in the tourist-rich areas of the Costa del Sol, Barcelona, and Madrid. If you would prefer a finca, or country estate, away from the major tourist hubs, then you can locate properties in Santiago, Santander, and Granada as well.

There are thousands of properties available with many located in Spain’s largest cities and regions. You are spoilt for choice when searching for a property on Rightmove Spain.

Pros of using Rightmove Spain

There are a lot of great reasons to use Rightmove Spain to locate your next property. For buyers, you can search through thousands of Spanish properties to find the one you want. There is no hassle or spending long hours searching for a property. Simply narrow your search to find the exact property in the city of your choosing.

According to data released in 2020, Rightmove listed 1.1 million properties during the first quarter. There are thousands of Spanish properties listed on Rightmove Spain and customers have a variety of places to choose from. To say customers are spoilt for choice with Rightmove and Rightmove Spain is an understatement.

Real estate agents have a number of reasons to use Rightmove Spain as well. According to Rightmove, the website gets more than 130 million visits each month. Many of those visits are for the Spanish property listings. Real estate agents have the opportunity to showcase a property to millions of people. The website also offers exclusive member benefits to real estate companies and landlords.

Simply put, Rightmove is the market leader when it comes to advertising properties or customers searching for new homes. Using Rightmove Spain gives you the best chance to sell a property or purchase the home of your dreams in sunny Spain.

Cons of using Rightmove Spain

While there are a number of great reasons to use Rightmove Spain if you are a property owner, real estate agent, or customer, there are also a few reasons you may want to use another property advertiser. It has been claimed that Rightmove increases its costs without upgraded its existing services. This causes issues for smaller letting and real estate agencies.

Rightmove has been criticsed for years for its monopoly on the real estate industry in the UK. Pricing issues are not new and agencies have long been unhappy with Rightmove and Rightmove Spain’s fees.

Property owners and sellers that feel the burn from increased fees on Rightmove Spain may increase the price of their properties to cover the fees. The increased price may deter potential buyers in the end from purchasing a property.

Potential buyers may also be put off by working with a limited number of real estate companies in one area. If a limited number of real estate agencies in one city advertise via Rightmove Spain, there may not be much competition. It could create a market in which properties are all similarly priced.

The bottom line is, if you want a property in Madrid, Barcelona, or another one of the great cities in Spain, then you should start your search with Rightmove Spain. With its easy-to-use search, you will find your dream Spanish property in no time.

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