Queens British Grammar School

For those who are considering moving to the costa del sol near Marbella, one of the concerns is finding the right school for their children. This is understandable given all the advantages of living in this remarkable part of the world. This is an area that has been addressed in the form of public and private schools that dot the area.

One such example is the Queens British Grammar School. A private school that offers children a top-flight educational experience that features the best of English educational practices.

Located in the heart of busy Estepona, a town just ten minutes from Marbella, the Queens British Grammar School offers a traditional British style of education. The emphasis is on building a family atmosphere where learning is a fun and enjoyable experience for the children as well as the teachers.

Although the school was recently established, the founders are Mr. Nicholas Lee and Mrs. Melanie Lee who have over 53 years of teaching experience between them.

The school itself accepts up to 150 pupils each term. The age of the children ranges from 7 to 16 and is made up of all nationalities.

Queens British Grammar School was founded on the principle of bringing the best of English education to the Marbella area. This is reflected in the small class sizes of 20 or less to provide for the best learning experience for each student.

What’s it like to attend Queens British Grammar School

The Queens British school in Estepona is a private education facility located in Estepona on the Costa del Sol. The school is a stone’s throw from Marbella allowing students living in the Spanish coastal city to reach the Queen British Grammar school in just 10 minutes.

The schools exterior is off putting to more well-heeled parents though the school have done a good job with renovating the property.

The school was created by education experts Melanie Lee and Nicolas Lee, who had a combined 53 years of experience in schools as teachers and administrators prior to founding the facility.

Queens British Grammar School provides students with a high-quality education based on the British style.

Students range from the age of three-years-old to 16-years-old. Queen Grammar School offers students a pathway to begin at the primary school age and to remain at the school until finishing secondary education.

Queens British Grammar school plans to expand its offerings by adding key stage 5/A-Level provision. The provision will be offered from Cambridge International Assessment A Levels. The school gives students to student toward gaining an IGSE qualification.

Where is Queens Britih Grammar School

Estepona is situated in Malaga on the Costa del Sol. The beautiful beach area is a popular destination for foreign travelers and expats seeking to live in Spain.

Many of the expats that move to the Costa del Sol area live with their children and work for businesses around the region. Estepona is a dynamic community offering residents the chance to experience sun for much of the year along with warm Mediterranean Sea waters.

How do students learn at Queens British Grammar School?

The curriculum at Queens British Grammar School is based on the Cambridge education system from in the United Kingdom. It takes the British education system’s traditions and values and delivers it to students living on the Costa del Sol.

Students experience a range of lessons throughout the week including English, maths, and science. Students also attend Spanish and French lessons. The former is ideal for students seeking to grow their proficiency and knowledge of Spanish. It also enables students from abroad to gain the ability to communicate in Spain’s native tongue.

Students also attend sports lessons that teach activities such as golf, football, and more. Additional classes include cooking and activities are organised by the school. These activities take place outside of the school’s grounds.

Why attend Queens British Grammar School?

Queens British Grammar School provides a first-class learning experience for students from the age of three-years-old to 16-years-old. The school offers an ideal learning environment. Compared to many of the schools in Britain or public schools in Spain, Queens British Grammar School only accommodates a small number of students.

Around 150 students attend the school making it an optimal learning experience as teachers can work directly with many students. Each class has up to 20 students or fewer. The school is also made up of multiple nationalities, giving students the chance to learn in a diverse environment.

Queens British Grammar School’s small classes sizes and dynamic curriculum makes it an ideal school for any student living on the Costa del Sol. Its provisions continue to grow allowing learners from early years to Key Stage 5 to gain the education they need.

Where is Queens British Grammar School

Queens British Grammar school is in the heart of Estepona and as a result parking is very difficult.

Queens British Grammar School Marbella

Calle Gibraltar, 3, 29680 Estepona, Málaga, Spain

Queens British Grammar School Fees

Age Range3 to 18
Annual FeesEUR 3930 to EUR 14900

Expect to pay a deposit of around EUR 1,000 and an endowment of the same. These are on top of school fees although are sometimes negotiable, depending on demand.

Queens British Grammar Estepona Phone

+34952 88 20 32

Advantages of Queens British Grammar Esetpona


The first benefit is the educational experience itself. A combination of proven teaching methods with modern equipment, the Queens British Grammar school is a place that is passionate for learning. The emphasis is on creating an atmosphere that taps into the curiosity and potential of students to help them achieve their educational goals.

Behaviour: Another hallmark of the school is the emphasis on proper behaviour. Good behaviour is rewarded which creates a stronger learning environment. Plus, it builds towards teamwork and contributing to the betterment of the school. Good behaviour is the foundation of learning and its benefits reach well beyond the confines of the school.

Curriculum: The school offers a wide array of lessons which include science, math, cookery, English, French, Spanish, and even sports. The lessons are taught in school and there are developmental and learning activities that go beyond the school as well.

Students: In addition to your children, the students at the Queens British Grammar School represent not only the finest in the area, but they all have their own academic abilities. This means that even if your children struggle in certain areas, the school can help them learn and grow.


Disadvantages of Queens British Grammar Estepona


The downside is that the school can only take in 150 pupils at one time. So, for those moving to the area, you will need to follow the guidelines about having your children qualify to enroll in the school.

The location of the school is distinctly ‘down at heel’ although the team have improved the aged building considerably.

For those who are concerned about their children’s education, the Queens British Grammar School is an excellent centre for learning.

Perfect for families that have children from ages 7 to 16, the high quality of education provided at the school offers exceptional learning opportunities for the children and peace of mind for parents who want the best in education.


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