Physis Recovery Marbella

Physis Recovery Marbella

Physis Recovery

The multi-award winning Physis Group enlivens its luxury property portfolio to operational real estate in the healthcare sector.

Physis Recovery is situated in a magnificent location in Southern Spain. Its location offers clients the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, while still being a short flight away from most major European cities such as London, Paris, Stockholm and or course Madrid.

Physis Recovery is situated within the grounds of some of the most sumptuous and relaxing villas in Marbella, a leading rehab center in its own right, Physis Recovery Rehab provides clients with an exclusive recovery program.

The five-star rehab is well-known for its exceptional support with staff capable of helping clients with a myriad of issues. Clients suffering from addiction, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and executive stress can all receive exceptional award-winning treatment from the team at Physis Recovery.

Privacy is of the utmost importance at Physis Recovery. Many clients who work with Physis aim to keep their stays discreet and the center provides each guest with a confidential treatment program.

A key aspect that sets Physis Recovery apart from other Marbella rehab centers is the number of clients it takes on at one time.

Physis Recovery accepts a maximum of 6 clients at a time allowing it to deliver a bespoke treatment package. Each client is offered a personalized, one-to-one program, yet also get to benefit from group work and daily interactions. Clients are also provided top-class mental healthcare. The one-to-one, highly personalized atmosphere combined with the luxurious setting make the Cottage completely unique.

While individual rehab and mental health treatment sounds appealing, it is actually counter productive. Imagine sitting on your own, for a month or more, with only paid therapists and counselors around you. There is much to be gained from interacting with others a the same stage of recovery Phillipa Gold, Physis Recovery Chief Clinical Officer

From our admissions and administrative staff to clinical experts, Physis Recovery employs only the most knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate people. Physis Recovery prides themselves on providing quality, cutting-edge care with input from some of the Worlds leading industry experts.

Award winning Physis Realty

Whats a day like at Physis Recovery, Marbella

What is a day like at Physis Rehab?

The Physis approach to recovery is both thorough and sophisticated. Its program treats the entire person’s mind and body and not just the symptoms. The physical, mental, social, and spiritual areas of each person are all components of recovery at Physis.

Clients undergo a comprehensive assessment at in-take. The assessment includes medical, psychiatric, and psychological elements to fully gauge the individual. Guests and staff then work together to build and develop the most effective treatment plan. Treatment plans are tailored to meet the needs of the guest. Before starting the program, clients in need of medical detox are put on a tailor-made program. Detox treatment allows the client to have around the club medical supervision. Medications are administered to ease the client’s withdrawal symptoms

Clients with substance use disorders, eating disorders, gambling addictions, depression, anxiety and executive stress are all catered to at Physis Recovery.

Each personalized recovery plan integrates a variety of therapies to treat the client. Treatments included evidence-based methods including DBT and CBT. Body-based therapies are offered including yoga, reflexology, shiatsu, and meditation. More contemporary therapies are also included in treatment plans. Aromatherapy, Indian head massage and acupuncture are used at Physis Recovery.

Non 12-Step Recovery

The Physis Rehab does not discourage our clients from attending 12-Step Meetings. In fact, we welcome it. However, we are not a 12-Step Program, as we do not teach the steps, study the ‘Big Book,’ or follow any of the other reading material in our program. The 12-Step program is available for free and clients are welcome to explore the principles if they so choose, outside of our rehab setting.

While a traditional 12 Step Model works for may people, it does not represent the only or even the best path for all. As Bill Wilson, the co-founder of AA stated himself in 1944, “the roads to recovery are many.”

Physis Recovery’s non 12 step treatment centers model can best be described as a client centered, integrative and intentional community based approach to health and recovery.

Treatment at Physis Recovery usually begins with a process of detox. This phase of treatment varies in duration from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on substances ingested and mental status. Clients must be medically stabilized and substances must be eliminated from the body in order to be able to address underlying emotional and mental health issues.

Once the detox phase is complete, clients begin participating in treatment activities. Some of the non 12 step rehab treatment activities at Physis Recovery include:

  • Individual therapy sessions with board certified therapists
  • Process group sessions
  • Holistic and adjunct approaches to treatment
  • Regular trips to the gym, yoga, and much more

Our model of recovery represents our unique healing culture and theory of treatment. We have created an evidenced based, client-centered model, which treats the entire self by integrating mind, body, and spirit. We employ an empowerment model to guide clients towards their identified, intended path. Stefan Beresford, Founder of Physis Recovery

Physis Recovery Accommodation

Physis Recovery allows just five clients on-site at any one time. Clients have the ability to live at Physis just like they would at home as they recover. The clinic matches clients with a personal program coordinator, who organizes the entire rehab stay.

Once on-site, guests stay in one of our beautiful Marbella Villas. Being in the Marbella Hills gives guests the chance to explore nature and reconnect with the outside world during treatment. The accommodation at Physis allows clients to be removed from the outside world and to attend rehab in privacy.

Inside the rehab, guests are provided with a luxury stay. A king-sized bed, lounge area, television and Internet, plush furnishings are all on offer. Physis provides a complimentary laundry and dry-cleaning service, along with secluded garden, and access to a gym and library. Meals at Physis Recovery are prepared by the on-site chefs. Clients are provided a menu based around their specific dietary preferences and restrictions.

There is an array of leisure activities available including access to a state-of-the-art gym and personal trainer. There are spa treatments, horseback riding, and golf at an 18-hole course designed by former Ryder Cup captain, John Jacobs. Clients can partake in a driving experience at Ascari motor racing circuit and attend fishing lessons with an expert. Clients may also experience a two-day family program which aims to re-establish trust and communication between the guest and their family.

Physis Recovery Cost

Physis Recovery costs €18,000 per month fully inclusive and includes 365 days of free aftercare.

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