Panorama Properties Marbella Review

Panorama Estates Marbella Review

Panorama Properties Marbella

This is a balanced and impartial review of Panorama Estates Marbella, one of the most established estate agents in Marbella. Physis Realty is not affiliated with Panorama Property Marbella and vice versa.

Panorama Properties Marbella has been in business since 1970. The company has stood the test of time providing clients with an incredible array of properties. Panorama Properties Marbella has helped the region develop over the last half century. The Costa del Sol resort town is the crown jewel of the region and attracts millions of tourists each year.

Marbella also attracts expats from all over the globe to its incredible commercial and residential properties. Panorama Properties Marbella works with clients from Spain and abroad, providing excellent customer service for new and re-sold properties.

Panorama Estates Marbella is a family-owned business managed by Christopher Clover. It has become a part of Marbella’s make-up delivering first-class service. The family-owned company now has a team of more than 25 professionals. The team is able to work with a variety of clients thanks to the members speaking a combined 12 languages.

Panorama Estates Marbella Review
Panorama Properties Marbella Review

Panorama Properties Marbella History

The company can trace its history back to B. B. Clover and Company. Founded in 1904 in Chicago, the company was started by Burtt Byron Clover, the grandfather of current business manager Chris Clover. B.B. Clover developed one of the first professional golf courses in the United States. The Itasca Golf Course and Clubhouse still stands today. It is a showcase of the success and quality developed by B.B. Clover and Company nearly a century ago.

Panorama Properties Marbella has built on the history and success of B.B. Clover and Company. As the Clover family grew deeper into the property development sector, the company opened up its Marbella offices in 1970. Three years after opening the Marbella offices, Chris Clover arrived in the Spanish city to head up the business. Panorama Property Marbella initially focused on providing American buyers with first-class Spanish properties. Today, it works with clients from all over the world.

Panorama Properties Marbella Continued Success

The family-owned company continues to grow and succeed over 50 years after its founding. Panorama Properties Marbella is in its fourth-generation of being family-owned. Today, the real estate company is overseen by Chris Clover’s children, Katinka and Alex. The new generation of Clovers joined the company in the 2000s and offer clients something different, as they were both born in Spain. This gives them a local insight in the property market and language.

Katinka graduated from the American University of Paris, while Alex, graduated from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. The duo has quickly displayed leadership to drive Panorama Properties Marbella forward.

In 2020 and 2021, Panorama Property Marbella was awarded the prestigious 5-star prize. The award is the highest honor in the category of Best Real Estate Agency in Spain by the International Property Awards.

Panorama Properties Marbella has two offices located along the Marbella Golden Mile. Clients will find one of the company’s offices at the Puente Romano Beach Resort and Spa. Meanwhile, Panorama Properties Marbella’s headquarters are across the emblematic Marbella Club Hotel.

Clients seeking a full-service agency providing property sales, rentals, commercial, management, and investment and developer consulting, can find it at Panorama Property Marbella. The company’s Client Services Department has pre- and post-sale services, financing, renovation, interior design, insurance and much more for clients ready to relocate to the Costa del Sol.

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