Marbella Montessori


What’s it like to attend one of Marbella’s premier schools

Marbella Montessori opened in 2009 to educate students using the unique and highly innovative Montessori educational method. In addition to using the Montessori pedagogy, the school combines it with the British National Curriculum, giving students a fully rounded education in the south of Spain. Marbella Montessori is authorided by the National Association of British Schools in Spain and the Junta del Andalucia.

The educational methods used by Marbella Montessori gives students a first-hand learning experience. Teachers are guides and provide support, rather than lecturers. This method allows each student to learn and grow independently. Self-motived students are created using the Montessori method enabling each learner to achieve high academic marks.

Marbella Montessori provides students with the tools needed to achieve qualifications. Students are then able to pursue their dreams in education and beyond.

What is Montessori?

Initially, Montessori schools were designed for nursery school and pre-school students. However, more primary schools are adopting the education pedology. Montessori is a method in which students are given the opportunity to engage in learning and progress their knowledge.

Classes use long periods for learning activities. There is a set timetable for the day and each child must follow it. Learners have a variety of activities to choose from and they decide what they want to do. The activities can be done for as long as the student desires. The teacher observes the students’ learning and works to engage them.

How do students learn at Marbella Montessori?

Marbella Montessori creates a personalised learning plan for each student. The PLP enables teachers and administrator to identify the subject areas that each student needs to cover on a weekly basis. The learning is completed through direct online learning and offline independent projects and tasks. The independent learning aspect is one of the main focuses of Montessori learning.

 A student’s PLP contains a detailed daily timetable. The timetable outlines the times in which a student attends various sessions online or one-to-one. Each session gives students the opportunity to work with their tutor, who offers support and checks the students’ progress. Learners also participate in sessions for “practical life”. These sessions are offered in addition to academic learning.

Students attend a daily Spanish language class at Marbella Montessori. The curriculum used for the Spanish language class is the same used by local Spanish public schools. Spanish language class are competed face-to-face rather than online.

Does Marbella Montessori provide outdoor or physical education lessons?

In addition to academic learning, students participate in other forms of education at Marbella Montessori throughout the week. Students have outdoor activities listed on their PLP in which they complete. There are also events in the Marbella area that learners attend. Events range from playing sports, practising yoga, learning music, participating in drama and dance, or other organised activities.

Why attend Marbella Montessori?

Marbella Montessori provides students with a unique learning experience. The school’s staff and teachers are friendly and caring individuals seeking to help students grow. If you are looking for an alternative learning experience for your child, one that makes them more independent, then Marbella Montessori can help your young learner on the path to being a fully rounded student.

Where is Marbella Montessori School?

Casa del Abuelo, Urbanization Valle del Sol, s/n, 29670 San Pedro Alcántara, Málaga, Spain

Marbella Montessori School Address

Casa del Abuelo, Urbanization Valle del Sol, s/n, 29670 San Pedro Alcántara, Málaga, Spain


Marbella Montessori School Fees

2,700 EUR per term

2,000 EUR deposit


Marbella Montessori School Phone Number

+34952 88 41 53

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