Living in Mallorca

Living in Mallorca

Living in Mallorca

Situated amongst Spain’s famous Balearic Islands is Mallorca, the gem of the island archipelago. Mallorca is an enchanting island off the Spanish coast around 245 kilometres from Barcelona in the Balearic Sea.

Mallorca is famed for its slow-paced life, beach resorts, holidays, and gorgeous weather year-round. It attracts many of the tourist who visit the Balearic Islands and many of the 13.6 million visitors to the archipelago in 2019 stayed on Mallorca.

Mallorca isn’t just a popular tourist destination. Many of the foreign residents living on the island fell in love with it during a holiday. There is a lot to love about living in Mallorca. From its great beaches to restaurants with mouth-watering local produce. If you are looking to trade up and move to a sunny Spanish paradise, here are some reasons to living in Mallorca could be ideal for you.

Palma; a Rich Capital City

Palma is the capital city of Mallorca and the main entry point for travellers to the Balearic Island. Oftentimes, Palma is where tourists arrive, but they quickly bypass it to visit the resorts. Those travelers truly miss out on one of Europe’s coolest capital cities.

The island capital of Palma has everything you could want including history, great restaurants, festivals, a picturesque harbor, and a thriving atmosphere. The city itself is rather small with approximately 400,000 people living in it.

Compared to major English cities, Mallorca has slightly fewer people than Liverpool and Manchester. However, what it lacks in a large population, it makes up for in its cosmopolitan make up. In July 2020, it was reported that Palma has 53,378 EU foreigners and 52,010 non-EU citizens. That is over 100,000 non-Spanish residents.

Palma has a seafront boulevard stretching five kilometres along with amazing shopping. It is comparable to other major cities around Europe. If you are looking for history to explore, it also has cathedrals, castles, and palaces. Palma maybe an island that attracts travellers to its beach resorts, yet it is a uniquely wonderful place to reside as well.

Palma Real Estate

Palma offers property buyers great investments or a place to reside temporarily or permanently. There are a variety of possibilities for purchase from city centre apartments to properties on the outskirts of the capital. The city itself is gorgeous and has a medieval-vibe thanks to its alleyways and old buildings.

One of Palma’s most attractive areas is Santa Catalina. It is situated close to the city centre and it possesses a more bohemian atmosphere than the upscale area of Avenue Jaime III. Santa Catalina is home to vintage shops and popular cafes. Despite being a bohemian part of Palma, it is not cheap to buy property there. In fact, prices are rather high as you move closer to the city centre.

Mallorca Real Estate

According to the Physis Spanish Property Index™:

  • The average price by square metre for Mallorca is 5,544 €, an increase of -0.44%.
  • The average price for properties in Mallorca is 1,244,672 € based on all 400 Mallorca properties in the Physis Realty portfolio.
  • The areas with the lowest prices in Mallorca are Ses Salines and Búger, with an average price of 286,622 € and 303,966 €, respectively.

Physis Realty Voted Best Realtor
Physis Realty Voted Best Realtor in Mallorca

Average Mallorca real estate prices

  • Ses Salines 286,622 €
  • Búger 303,966 €
  • Sant Joan 315,162 €
  • Ariany 329,342 €
  • Inca 334,211 €
  • Capdepera 365,292 €
  • Selva 473,363 €
  • Sineu 498,093 €
  • Alcúdia 422,847 €
  • Campanet 515,000 €
  • Porreres 497,899 €
  • Binissalem 654,000 €
  • Manacor 644,754 €
  • Son Servera 688,134 €
  • Lloseta 600,988 €
  • Santa Margalida 735,677 €
  • Cala Millor 699,544 €
  • Mancor de la Vall 699,988 €
  • Sa Pobla 744,908 €

Living in Mallorca is Slower Paced

Living in Mallorca means travelling around the city is simple. You don’t need a car, although a bike is handy. Most places are within walking distance. If you need to get around further afield, the city has great transport networks.

One of the reasons non-Spanish people relocate to Palma is for the weather. Mallorca receives around 300 days of sunshine each year. Mallorca’s weather is great year-round. The climate is mild with only December, January, and February being the cool months. Even then, Mallorca averages daily temperature highs of around 17°C. Summer has the warmest months on the island with temperatures hitting 30°C.

Overseas Residents Love Living in Mallorca

Mallorca is a popular destination for international residents and has been for decades. Many were travellers that fell in love with the island. The good news is that Mallorca isn’t overrun with tourists. Rather, the non-tourist areas of Mallorca are typically free of travellers, especially during the cooler months of the year.

Residents come from all over the world, but there are many people living in Mallorca from northern and central European nations in which the weather is cooler for much of the year. You will find Germans, Scandinavians, British, and other nationalities living on Mallorca permanently or temporarily.

If you are worried about a language barrier or services not being able to communicate, then think again. Due to the high number of foreign residents, there are services, products, and companies dedicated to non-Spanish speakers. It is easy to get by without speaking Spanish.

City or Country Living in Mallorca

If you have never visited Mallorca, you may not realise there is much more to the island than Palma. However, there is a lot to Mallorca outside of the capital. If you decide to relocate to Mallorca, you will also need to choose where to live: city or country.

There are some very touristy areas of Mallorca including Magaluf. This is an area that attracts young travellers looking to party during spring and summer. There are quieter options to the island. Before deciding on where you want to live, speak to property advisors on Mallorca about the location you prefer.

Living in Mallorca With Children; Education

You don’t have to be a single 20-somthing to move to Mallorca. Plenty of families relocate to the island for the lifestyle. Due to families relocating to Mallorca, there are a variety of excellent schools available to attend. The island’s international schools are high-quality and attract excellent teachers from across Europe.

Palma is home to a number of very good schools which follow the curriculums of Britian, France, and Germany. The kids not only receive a great education, but do it in a diverse environment. Kids are able to learn a variety of languages due to the different classmates they meet. Mallorca is a global workplace and one families can thrive in.

Mallorca is much more than beaches and sunny weather – although those are fantastic. The island provides residents with a lifestyle unmatched by other locations in the world. Not only can you find a great home, but excellent schools for children, culture, and history can also be found. Mallorca’s landscape is fantastic making outdoor adventures possible every day of the week. So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for your Mallorca property today.

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