Living in Ibiza

Living in Ibiza

Living in Ibiza

For such a small Spanish island, Ibiza packs a massive punch for expats seeking sunny Balearic charm. Expats looking for a lifestyle change by living in Ibiza will certainly find it. The island isn’t just for people seeking warm, sunny weather. Ibiza has incredible sights and there is always something to do. From its first-class nightlife to brilliant beaches, there is a lot to love about Ibiza and it is no wonder expats are trading up to move to the Spanish island.

What should you know about Ibiza?

Ibiza is just 45 kilometres long and 25 kilometres wide and home to around 100,000 residents year-round. The island is situated just 90 kilometres off of Spain’s east coast. Ibiza is a part of the Balearic Islands which lay in the Mediterranean Sea. Ibiza is arguably the most popular of the Balearic Islands, but the likes of Majorca, Minorca, and Formentera are all destinations for travellers and expats seeking something different.

Summer in Ibiza is a non-stop melting pot of people from all over the globe. Tourists and seasonal workers descend on the island to explore its beaches, mountains, and other offerings. Due to the mass amount of tourism, there are a lot of misconceptions about Ibiza. For one, many people believe the island is home to a non-stop party. This misconception turns many expats off of living on Ibiza.

Much of Ibiza’s party destination reputation comes from television and the celebrities that have descended on the island. In truth, Ibiza does have its heavy tourism areas in which partying takes place at nightclubs and DJs spin all night. Yet, this doesn’t make up all of Ibiza and there are plenty of places to go to get away from the crowds.

Ibiza may be a melting pot of nationalities, but it is still fully Spanish. Residents typically eat small breakfasts, late lunches, and even later dinners once the sun has gone down. In addition, siestas are a popular activity and common amongst residence. Cafes, shops, and restaurants close their doors from 2 pm to 5 pm during the hottest parts of the day. If you plan to go out at night, the nightclubs don’t begin filling up until around 1 am.

Ibiza real estate

According to the Physis Spanish Property Index™:

  • The average price by square metre for Ibiza is €2,788, an increase of 0.29%.
  • The average price for properties in Ibiza is €1,644,644 based on all properties for sale at Physis Realty™
  • The areas with the lowest prices in Ibiza are Figueretes – Platja d’En Bossa and Dalt Vila – La Marina, with an average price of €635,458

Physis Realty Voted Best Realtor
Physis Realty Voted Best Realtor in Ibiza

Average Ibiza real estate prices

  • Figueretes – Platja d’En Bossa 690,000 €
  • Dalt Vila – La Marina 799,255 €
  • Centro – S’Eixample – Can Misses 999,3855 €
  • Marina Botafoc – Talamanca 1,020,088 €

Why move to Ibiza?

Anyone who has visited Ibiza will know exactly why so many expats relocate to the island. In fact, many of the expats to reside on Ibiza went there on holiday and fell in love with it. The sunshine is the chief reason people relocate to the island. Ibiza receives more than 300 days of sunlight per year.

Temperatures reach up to 35°C. Even Spain’s winter months of December, January, and February enjoy sun. Those months living in Ibiza are very comfortable and a dream compared to what the northern and central countries of Europe experience.

While the island’s beaches get a lot of fanfare, you may not realise that Ibiza is well-known for its food scene. Yes, gastronomy is popular amongst locals and foodies across the world. Many of the local restaurants and chefs use locally sourced products on their menus. Supermarkets across the island sell locally grown fruit and vegetables making the island’s farm communities sustainable.

If you love to be outdoors, then living in Ibiza is ideal. The beaches and Mediterranean Sea are popular places to spend the day. Yet, the island’s mountains and countryside are perfect for exploring. Cycling is a favorite pastime for many. You may even trade in your vehicle for the chance to cycle around the island permanently.

Things to consider before moving to Ibiza

While there are a lot of pros to living in Ibiza, there are some cons as well. The biggest issue you may have with moving to Ibiza is the tourists. Ibiza can be busy and crowded during the peak travel months. Winter is the quiet time of the year, but as the weather warms up and the beaches open, more tourists arrive.

Investors love Ibiza’s property market. It is regularly hot and properties can be pricey. Investors purchase new-build and older villas and apartments and let them out. They also let out holiday homes to tourists throughout the year. Investors gobbling up properties has helped to increase the price of housing on the island.

If you are planning to move to Ibiza, you should certainly learn Spanish. While you can get around speaking English to some extent and broken Spanish, it truly helps to learn the language as best as possible. Anyone planning to invest in property should understand the language and the complexities of buying residential or commercial properties. The good news is that there are Spanish language academies on the island.

Another thing to consider before relocating to Ibiza is the lifestyle. Life moves slower on Ibiza. If this drives you crazy, you may reconsider the island as your new home. It takes much longer to complete things. Due to most businesses taking a daily siesta in the afternoon, you will need to wait a little longer to do some daily tasks.

Ibiza is calling

You may have thought Ibiza is a non-stop party location. However, it is far from being a 24/7 party with 20-somethings dancing the night away. It is a tourist hotspot which makes it even more of a great place to live permanently. The island may not be large in terms of size, but it provides you with plenty of space to get away from the crowds.

There are over 300 days of sun each year on Ibiza. It bathes the island year-round making the winter months comfortable. The summers are hot and the beach is the best place to spend your time.

More people are now able to work remotely. The demand to live in paradises such as Ibiza are only going to grow. If you are interested in living on the Spanish island, then you should act quickly.

The Ibiza property market is routinely expensive to tap into. As more people relocate to Ibiza and investors buy up rental properties, the price of apartments and villas is only going to increase.

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