Living in Benahavis

Living in Benahavis

Life in Benahavis

Benahavis is a mountainous paradise located on the Costa del Sol. It is a gateway to the beaches of the region. Living in Benhavis allows you to enjoy the great outdoors while spending time in one of the Costa del Sol’s most chic resort villages.

The resort village is a mere than 15 minutes away from the Costa del Sol’s inviting beaches. Compared to the major resorts of the area, Benahavis is an escape with quieter streets and low-key entertainment options.

Benahavis is surrounded by forest covered hills in a low valley. While the village isn’t as famous as Marbella or Estepona for tourists, it welcomes affluent residents from around the globe. There are a variety of top-class, fine-dining restaurants and cafes in Benhavis to explore along with boutiques.

If you want to get outdoors, Benahavis is well-known for its excellent natural scenery. You will find stunning mountain views, trails for hiking, scenic walks, and fragrant forests.

Benahavis is praised for its upkeep and cleanliness compared to other resort towns along the coast. Despite being a resort village, many people make Benahavis home all year-long and a tight-knit community has been established amongst its residents.

Living in Benahavis
Living in Benahavis

Living in Benahavis History

The development of Benahavis began in the 1970s. Developers initially built La Aldea, an area of homes for families built in the traditional Spanish village style of the area. Longtime resident, Scotsman David Marshall’s vision was used in the design of the village. It was decided that Benahavis would be built to produce a slower pace of life for residents. This meant the development of the village would be slower and planned out.

Over the last nearly half a century, the village and areas around it have grown. Many of the hills surrounding Benahavis have seen homes and other projects developed on them. Today, you will find an assortment of luxury apartments and villas. There are a dozen championship-quality golf courses within close proximity of the village.

Property Prices in Benahavis

Cost of living in Benahavis is increasing exponentially, revealing a solid market for both motivated sellers and buyers.

El Paraíso 1,244,752 €
Benahavís 1,655,752 €
La Quinta 1,965,742 €
Los Arqueros 1,855,932 €
Montemayor-Marbella Club 2,266,895 €
Los Flamingos 2,742,942 €
La Zagaleta 9,755,798 €

Benahavis Real Estate

  • The average price by square metre for living in Benahavís is €4,329, an increase of 1.11%.
  • The average price for properties in Benahavís to 22/06/2021 was €2,244,877 based on 1,899 properties.
  • The areas with the lowest prices in Benahavís are El Paraíso and Benahavís, with an average price of €1,398,8672 and €1,501,988 respectively.

Living in Benahavis Today

Benahavis is known around Spain as the “dining room of the Costa del Sol”. It is a reputation the village has cultivated thanks to its assortment of fine-dining options. You will find some of the best restaurants, bars, and cafes across the Costa del Sol right in Benahavis. Due to the popularity of Benahavis’ eating establishments, the village becomes crowded during mealtimes. Once mealtimes finish, the crowds recede and Benhavis returns to the calm, quiet place it is famous for being.

The village isn’t just a great place to visit on holiday or a daytrip, it is ideal for families seeking a Spanish residence. Its location near to the beach provides families with the chance to enjoy days out. The Costa del Sol receives around 320 days of sunlight per year. Families can escape from their home countries on holiday or permanently to enjoy the incredible weather provided by the Costa del Sol.

The area’s schools are multicultural and provide lessons in various languages. It is easy to adapt and feel at home in Benahavis thanks to expats and welcoming locals. It is a melting pot of people on the Costa del Sol, but one that offers a luxurious lifestyle for all to enjoy.

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