Investment Property in Mataram

Investment Real Estate in Mataram

Investment Property in Mataram
Investment Property in Mataram

Mataram property investment can be a worthwhile venture if you are selective with the areas you choose to invest in. If not, you could find that your investment suffers due to low rental yields, dwindling demand, and slow property price growth in many parts of Mataram.

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The Mataram Kingdom (, Javanese: ꦩꦠꦫꦩ꧀, Javanese pronunciation: [mətaram]) was a Javanese Hindu–Buddhist kingdom that flourished between the 8th and 11th centuries. It was based in Central Java, and later in East Java. Established by King Sanjaya, the kingdom was ruled by the Shailendra dynasty and Ishana dynasty.

During most of its history the kingdom seems have relied heavily on agriculture, especially extensive rice farming, and later also benefited from maritime trade. According to foreign sources and archaeological findings, the kingdom seems to have been well populated and quite prosperous. The kingdom developed a complex society, had a well developed culture, and achieved a degree of sophistication and refined civilisation.

In the period between the late 8th century and the mid-9th century, the kingdom saw the blossoming of classical Javanese art and architecture reflected in the rapid growth of temple construction. Temples dotted the landscape of its heartland in Mataram. The most notable of the temples constructed in Mataram are Kalasan, Sewu, Borobudur and Prambanan, all quite close to present-day city of Yogyakarta. At its peak, the kingdom had become a dominant empire that exercised its power—not only in Java, but also in Sumatra, Bali, southern Thailand, Indianized kingdoms of the Philippines, and the Khmer in Cambodia.

Later the dynasty divided into two kingdoms identified by religious patronage—the Buddhist and Shaivite dynasties. Civil war followed. The outcome was that the Mataram kingdom was divided into two powerful kingdoms; the Shaivite dynasty of Mataram kingdom in Java led by Rakai Pikatan and the Buddhist dynasty of Srivijaya kingdom in Sumatra led by Balaputradewa. Hostility between them did not end until 1016 when the Shailendra clan based in Srivijaya incited a rebellion by Wurawari, a vassal of the Mataram kingdom, and sacked the capital of Watugaluh in East Java. Srivijaya rose to become the undisputed hegemonic empire in the region. The Shaivite dynasty survived, reclaimed east Java in 1019, and then established the Kahuripan kingdom led by Airlangga, son of Udayana of Bali.

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The financial stability of Mataram has translated into a real estate market that rewards forward planning and a willingness to look beyond areas of traditional affluence.


Buy to Rent in Mataram


Renting out your Mataram buy-to-rent investment property can grow wealth and income.


Whatever your goals with investment property in Mataramare – preparation is key:


  • Set goals based on how much rental yield will be required and the local rental yield rates in Mataram and be prepared to change your initial outlook.
  • Thoroughly research the Mataram location with a special emphasis on fringe areas outside the main Mataram metropolis that may be valued lower than their better-known neighbours. Rental yields of around 5% are still attainable in certain areas of Mataram.
  • Ensure that your target investment property in Mataram appeals to professionals. This is a demographic that ensures maximum income and low voids.
  • Finding and vetting suitable tenants is a job ideally left to the professionals. Working with an established letting agent with local knowledge and experience of property legislation will give you the best chance of success.

Flipping Investment Property in Mataram

Flipping property in Mataram


Flipping property is when we advise clients to buy a Mataram property below market value, renovate it and then make a profit by selling it at a higher price, all within a few months, and often before the Mataram market has a time to react to the renovation.


The Flipping Strategy in Mataram


Investment property flipping in Mataram is a simple strategy. You find a property that is in need of renovation from our list and purchase it for a low price. These type of Mataram real estate investments are sometimes referred to by professionals as ‘distressed’ Mataram real estate.


What is distressed Mataram property:


  • Mataram property in need of renovation
  • Mataram real estate with a change of puropose and use
  • Oversold Mataram property
  • Bank repossessions in Mataram


Put simply, long term investors in Mataram purchase the property, renovate it and make it a lot more attractive to potential buyers.


Calculate profit that you make from Mataram investment property flipping:


Final Selling Price less Cost of Purchase less Costs = Profit

Here is an example:

Mataram property purchase price: $220,000

Renovation costs: $20,000

Other costs: $25,000

Property sale price: $400,000

Profit: $135,000


Experienced property developers in Mataram use a minimum profit value of 22% when looking at potential Mataram projects. The reason for this is because there are lots that can go wrong in Mataram property flipping and working on a potential margin of 22% should still leave a good margin of error.


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