Idealista real estate has four offices in Spain serving the needs of individuals seeking a new home in the gorgeous European country. You can find Idealista’s offices in Madrid (main office), Barcelona, and Malaga. While the company has three main offices, it works with real estate agencies throughout the country and provides thousands of listings to properties across Spain.

Since its creation, Idealista has become the market leader in properties across Spain. If you are looking to relocate to Spain, then Idealista’s website is a must-visit to explore the incredible properties available. All Spanish property searches should begin with Idealista.

What is Idealista?

Idealista is Spain’s number one real estate website. It also has a presence in Portugal and Italy, allowing you to search for properties in multiple countries. Idealista was founded in 2000 and works with around 40,000 real estate agents. The number of real estate agents the property website works with is incredible.

Real estate agents across Spain are able to reach potential clients around the globe they wouldn’t have been in contact with otherwise. Idealista makes it possible for these estate agents to advertise their properties and sell them far more easily than posting them online themselves.

According to Idealista, the website receives 38 million unique monthly visitors. The number of monthly visitors make Idealista southern Europe’s leading real estate platform. Not only does Idealista put real estate agents in contact with potential clients, but it offers a wide range of digital services to better market properties. The website offers CRM tools, data analysis, and a mortgage broker to help facilitate property sales.

Idealista’s work is firmly focused on helping clients boost their sales. In addition, the company aims to provide a smooth transaction between sellers and buyers.

Idealista Company history

Idealista was formed in 2000 to connect real estate agents and potential property buyers. Since its formation, the website has grown to become the market leader in properties in Spain and Portugal. In 2015, after nearly two decades of success, Idealista was purchased by Apax. It was in the same year that Idealist opened up its Portugal property portal.

After Apax’s purchased of Idealista, the company tripled its revenue and launched a smartphone app. In 2020, Apax sold its stake in Idealista to EQT for an unbelievable €1.3 billion. The online property portal has a presence across Spain and continues to build up its relationship with real estate agents.

How to use Idealista as a Buyer?

Idealista makes searching for and purchasing a home quick and easy. Simply use the website’s search function to locate the property of your dreams. When searching for a property, you can narrow your search to ‘buy’, ‘rent’, or ‘share’ before browsing. You can also narrow your search to specific places and the type of property you want to purchase. Idealista advertises houses, apartments, offices, and more.

The website’s tools make it easy to locate the property of your choice. Once you have found that perfect property, simply contact the seller via telephone or email. The process is incredibly easy and Idealista puts you in contact with estate agents ready to sell.

How to use Idealista as a Seller?

Property owners can sell their house, apartment, or office on Idealista in a few easy steps. Firstly, you need to create an account with the property portal. The company offers new users two free ads allowing them to try out the website. You can publish adverts for flats, chalets, garages, plots, premises, and much more for free until the property is sold. Once the property sells, you will need to pay a small fee to Idealist for advertising the property to thousands of website visitors.

Idealista charges property owners who advertiser more than two properties, duplicate real estate adverts, the properties for sale on the market are for more than €1 million, or the properties for rent are let out for more than € 2,000 or more per month. If you choose to sell or rent out your property through Idealista, you will receive a wealth of tools to market your home.

Pros of Idealista

There are a number of pros to working with Idealista. Perhaps the best reason to work with Idealista is that it markets your property to thousands of people each day. The website gets 38 million unique visitors per month. Few, if any, property portals receive as many unique views per month.

Buying a property from abroad can be confusing and difficult. Shopping for a property online through Idealista allows you to work with people that know the Spanish property market. Once you choose a property and begin working with an estate agent, they will do all of the difficult paperwork for you. It can be difficult to locate and purchase a property in Spain on your own. Using Idealista to be the middleman can save you a lot of headaches.

Cons of Idealista

One of the disadvantages of using Idealista for buyers is the number of properties you may need to sort through. The website has thousands of properties listed, which means you may sift through a variety of properties before finding the one you want. In addition, if you don’t act quickly, the property could be sold. As the intermediary between you and the seller, the property may be sold without you being aware of another customer negotiating for it.

Alternatives to Idealista

Idealista is the premier property website in Spain and lists thousands of properties each month. Although it is the top property website, there are alternatives to Idealista allowing you to work with other companies that advertise houses, commercial buildings, and flats. Alternatives to Idealista include:

Idealista’s ability to reach customers makes it a great resource for buyers and sellers. If you are searching for a new property in Spain as a place to live or invest in, then you can find it using Idealista. The company works for you to make your Spanish home buying or selling dreams come true.

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