Guide to Marbella

Guide to Marbella

Guide to Marbella

Marbella is one of Spain’s most popular destinations. It isn’t just travelers who descend on the jewel of the Costa del Sol. Marbella is a popular location for expats to relocate to. Check out the Physis Realty Guide to Marbella.

The city’s sun and beaches are just two of the reasons individuals sell up and move to the resort town. The Costa del Sol receives an average of 325 days of sunlight a year. Due to the climate, many of the expats who move to or visit Marbella are from Great Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, and central Europe, where winters are cold and long.

The resort town is also a destination for the rich and famous. It is a playground with gorgeous beaches, chic boutiques, and five-star restaurants. In Puerto Banus Marina, you will see million-dollar yachts, the playthings of the wealthy residents of Marbella, who come and go throughout the year.

If you are visiting Marbella for a holiday or are planning on relocating to the jewel of the Costa del Sol, you shouldn’t miss exploring these great places.

Guide to Marbella Old Town

Marbella may have become a popular tourist destination over the course of the last half a century, but its history dates back far longer than that. Marbella can trace its history back to 1600 BC and you can explore its incredible past on a visit to the Old Town. The area is a charming part of Marbella with its 15th-century castle, churches, homes, and quaint shops. The narrow streets offer visitors a peaceful experience and you can pop into the small eateries as you wander.

While exploring the Old Town of Marbella, swing by the Plaza de Naranjos (the Orange Square). The famous plaza has several traditional Spanish restaurants with outdoor seating, cafes, tapas bars, and, of course, orange trees. There are also clothing boutiques with items produced by Spanish designers.

Puerto Banus Marina

The super-rich are regular visitors to Marbella and Puerto Banus Marina is the place they park their million-dollar yachts. The marina is known around the world as a popular spot for wealthy individuals to sail into and out of all year-long. Thanks to Marbella’s incredibly comfortable weather throughout the year.

If you want to see how the super-rich live and what they spend their money on, visit Puerto Banus Marina to view the yachts on display. You are also likely to see a variety expensive sportscars parked up at the marina. It isn’t just about looking at the boats and cars, however. Puerto Banus is a gorgeous part of the resort town. You can explore the marina and enjoy a walk around the area to take in the fresh sea air.

The marina is also famous for its variety of bars, nightclubs, and pubs. Anyone looking for a night out to remember should visit Puerto Banus Marina after dark.

Marbella Real Estate

According to the Physis Spanish Property Index™:

  • The average price by square metre for Marbella is 4,155 €
  • The average price for properties in Marbella was 1,775,755 € based on 8,655 properties.
  • The areas with the lowest prices in Marbella are Elviria-Cabopino and Marbella Pueblo

Physis Realty Voted Best Realtor
Physis Realty Voted Best Realtor

Average Marbella Real Estate Prices

Elviria 1,057,691 €
Marbella Pueblo 1,062,887 €
Los Monteros 1,401,072 €
Nueva Andalucía 1,505,406 €
Las Chapas-El Rosario 1,505,949 €
San Pedro 1,557,127 €
Nagüeles 2,544,127 €

Guide to Marbella Golf Courses

The Costa del Sol is rich in terms of golf courses. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to golf. There are more than 70 golf courses on the Costa del Sol and the region has the highest concentration of golf courses in all of Europe. Around 60 of the golf courses are Championship-quality, giving you the opportunity to play on the same courses the pros do.

There are at least 20 golf courses within a half an hour drive of Marbella. Golfers will love a visit to Marbella or to move to the resort town. You could spend each day playing golf at one of the area’s brilliant courses.

If you are just visiting, the golf course at famed Finca Cortesin hotel is unbeatable. It is the home course of the Volvo World Match Play Championship. There is also a state-of-the-art Jack Nicklaus academy onsite.

The Marbella Club Hotel also maintains it’s own Golf club, ranked among the best in the World.

Museums and Art Galleries Guide to Marbella

Guide to Marbella culture vultures have plenty of museums and art galleries to explore in and around Marbella. Malaga is just a 45-minute drive from Marbella giving you the chance to spend the day in the city. Malaga is home to an international airport, which is the entry point for most visitors to Marbella.

Malaga is home to some famed art collections including the Picasso Museum, Carmen Thyssen, Centre Pompidou, Santiago Hermitage, and CAC Museum of Modern Art. Culture vultures will have plenty to see and do. While in Malaga, you can take advantage of the other great sites in the city. In Marbella, you can explore the Engravings Museum, Bonsai Museum, and Ralli Museum to see even more amazing artworks.

Guide to Marbella Dining Out

Marbella is well-known for its upscale dining. If you aren’t looking for a five-star night out, however, you have plenty of options for something a little less extravagant. Marbella has a number of great tapas bars to explore serving up authentic regional foods.

If you want a Michelin-starred restaurants to dine in, then you can find one. Skina is a two-star Michelin restaurant serving up multinational cuisine. El Lago Restaurant is another one of Marbella’s great Michelin-starred eateries. It serves up Andalusian fare. In 2021, Marbella had four Michelin-starred restaurants.

Guide to Marbella Beaches

Marbella’s beaches are one of the most popular reasons people visit the resort town. There are 23 beaches along Marbella’s coastline. Some of the beaches located in Marbella are considered the best the Costa del Sol has to offer.

La Sala is one of the most-visit Marbella beaches. It is a thriving hangout during the summer months. Locals and tourists both visit the acclaimed beach. You will find seafront dining and great cocktails served up.

Funky Buddha Beach is one of Marbella’s boutique beaches. It is located in Puerto Banus and is one of the area’s most popular hangouts. Visitors love the tropical bars that lookout across the Mediterranean. You will find a range of cooling drinks to enjoy on a hot Marbella day.

Marbella is not just about its all-night clubs, bars, and resorts. It is a wonderland of a destination in which expats visit each year. Marbella is also popular with expats seeking a new place to live their best life. If you are heading to the coast, don’t miss out on the places in our guide to Marbella

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