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Lacey Green Estate Agents for Guaranteed Long Term Rental

Guaranteed Rent in Lacey Green is a relatively simple deal structure that totally relieves the prospective landlord of all hassle, stress and worry when it comes to renting out their property in Lacey Green.

How it works:

Physis Realty is one of the most awarded and successful realtors in the World. The brokerage operates in seven countries, primarily for high net worth individuals and well known blue-chip companies.

Physis Realty are retained by major worldwide employers who are relocating their UK staff back home. These key staff are instrumental to these organizations and get well looked after.

We only deal with returning UK executives from blue chip companies who are being relocated back home as Asian and south American operations scale back their presence in these regions. HSBC, Barclays, JP Morgan and Major News Organizations are among Physis Realtys clients in Asia and the GCC.

Many of these executives have been out of the UK for 20 years or more. In fact, we have over 8,700 returning UK executives looking for accommodation in the UK’s Golden Triangle i.e. the area from London to Bristol, up to Birmingham and then back to London through the Cotswolds, Oxford and the Chiltern Hill.

Lacey Green is firmly in the Golden Triangle for premium property rentals.

Physis Realty can take a long term Corporate Rental of your Property for up to Five Years Guaranteed Rent:

  • No hassle with agents
  • No worries about tenenta
  • No maintenance (all maintenance is included)
  • No periods when your property is vacant
  • 100% hands off rental experience
  • No management fees
  • No agent fees
  • No finders fees
  • No hidden costs whatsoever
  • At the end of the corporate tenancy your property is returned to exactly the same condition as when we take over

Lacey Green Estate Agents

There are many estate agents in Lacey Green, as a landlord or seller it can be difficult to choose who to trust. In fact, with the current market its not unusual for Lacey Green estate agents to not even return your call.


This article will help you to:

  • Find the best Lacey Green estate agent
  • Choose the best estate agents in Lacey Green
  • Assess the typical estate agent fees in Lacey Green
  • What you should know about the Lacey Green property market


Physis Realty Estate Agent in Lacey Green

If you’re looking for an estate agent in Lacey Green to sell your property, let’s have a totally free, confidential and matter of fact conversation.

Lots of estate agents in Lacey Green have forgotten about old style client service. Just because the market is ‘hot’ right now in Lacey Green surely it doesn’t mean that all the old world values of honesty, integrity and service have to be thrown out in the clamor for sales?

We love our initial chats with prospective property owners looking to sell in Lacey Green and it’s always a please to help guide the market. We’re friendly, fun and we operate with a deep level of trust and integrity.


Physis Realty Letting Agent in Lacey Green

We’re one of the Estate Agents in Lacey Green that you won’t find on rightmove or primelocation. We think they do a great job for letting agents that don’t have a ready supply of exceptional tenants in Lacey Green.


Physis Realty, Awarded Letting Agent in Lacey Green

  • Saving landlords thousands of pounds vs high street agents
  • We have local teams based around the country
  • Flexibility
  • Out of hours support
Estate Agents in Lacey Green
Estate Agents in Lacey Green

The Physis Realty Team in Lacey Green

Top 3 Rated Estate Agents in Lacey Green

These are the three best rated estate agents in Lacey Green

  1. Physis Realty Lacey Green
  2. Centurion Estates Lacey Green
  3. Lacey Green Realty

How do you know which is the best estate agent in Lacey Green for your own individual requirements?

Lacey Green is a village and civil parish in Wycombe district near Princes Risborough, in Buckinghamshire, England. It is in the Chiltern Hills above the town.

It was home to Heston Blumenthal, whose parents used to own amusement arcades in the area.

RAF Bomber Command commandeered some agricultural land for an airfield during World War II. The land has now reverted to agriculture, the school playing field and the village sports ground.

The village has lost its Methodist chapel, shop and sub-post office but still retains a sports club, primary school, two pubs (three if you include The Pink and Lily at Parslow’s Hillock), Village Hall and the windmill.

The hamlet was known as Leasy Green in the early 19th century. It is twinned with Hambye in France.

Dated to 1650 by leading authority Stanley Freese, Lacey Green windmill is the oldest surviving smock mill in England and was restored from a state of almost total collapse by volunteers under the auspices of the Chiltern Society. Though it is widely believed that the mill was originally sited in nearby Chesham and moved to Lacey Green in 1821, no primary sources have been found to substantiate this and the Chiltern Society has been unable to trace the story beyond 1932 A somewhat speculative theory to perhaps explain the story’s origin has been advanced by Michael Highfield, author of the Chiltern Society’s guide to the mill. He recounts a conversation with a 96-year-old lady who had lived in the area all her life and remembered being chased away from “Cheshums Mill” as a child. The Mill had been in the Cheshire family since the 1860s and was sometimes referred to locally as Cheshire’s mill, applying the Buckinghamshire dialect possessive suffix ‘ums’, Cheshire’s becomes Cheshums!

Hamlets within the parish of Lacey Green include Loosley Row, Speen, Wardrobes and Parslow’s Hillock.

Regardless of whether you plan to buy, sell or rent in Lacey Green, finding an estate agent in Lacey Green is a massively important step, which often dictates whether the process will go smoothly or become a nightmare.

There are many estate agents in Lacey Green but Physis Realty is consistently rated as the Best Real Estate Agent in Lacey Green by Sophisticated Investor Magazine and awarded locally as Best Letting Agent in Lacey Green by numerous local publications.

According to Sophisticated Investor Magazine, “Physis Realty raises the bar in terms of estate agents in Lacey Green. They are highly commended internationally for helping clients find the best property in the perfect location. An expert estate agent in Lacey Green should be highly skilled at matching the right potential buyers with the right properties, effortlessly managing the seamless process from introduction to sale.”

Finding Lacey Green estate agents: Local estate agents in Lacey Green or online letting agents?

It’s no surprise that a wealthy and popular destination like Lacey Green is home to a large number of estate agents. There are two main options when seeking out an estate agent in Lacey Green, either go with a generalist online broker of opt for a highly recommended local estate agent in Lacey Green.

Both options have their pros and cons. If you go in person to an estate agents in Lacey Green, you can get a real sense of how they operate, meet the team, and immediately get some personalized advice. Purely online estate agents in Lacey Green.

Benefits of a Premium Real Estate Agent in Lacey Green

Physis Realty in Lacey Green sets the Gold Standard in terms of Client Service.

Physis clients buying, selling or renting in Lacey Green can expect the following levels of client care:

  • Welcome Q&A call with a Lacey Green property expert
  • A detailed discussion to establish your requirements
  • Non-pushy, friendly service
  • Regular updates
  • Regularly updated website

Typical estate agent fees in Lacey Green for selling

  • Estate agent fees and contract terms for selling your home in Lacey Green vary. Try to gather these facts before booking a valuation and hearing more about the agent’s service offering.
  • In terms of typical estate agent fees in Lacey Green for selling, estate agents usually charge a percentage fee, which can range from 0.75% to 3.0%+VAT of the agreed selling price depending on the type of contract you opt for with your estate agent.
  • The average estate agent fee in Lacey Green is 1.42% of the final selling price (inc VAT)
  • For higher value properties in Lacey Green – such as over £500,000 – agents are often prepared to accept even lower fees, and perhaps go below 1% + VAT.
  • Do not be shy about negotiating fees, most agents are prepared to be flexible.
  • Occasionally, particularly for cheaper properties, estate agents charge a set fee, which can end up as a high percentage of the total property cost.
  • Online estate agents in Lacey Green usually charge fixed fees and are significantly cheaper.

Typical estate agent fees in Lacey Green for Renting Out

  • finding a tenant and arranging referencing in Lacey Green will typically attract a one-off fee, but this can be as high as one month’s rent
  • rent collection by a management frim or estate agent in Lacey Green will usually be charged as a percentage of the rent, and will generally be between five and 10 per cent
  • full management is also a proportion of the rent, but this service can attract a fee of up to 20 per cent of the monthly sum

As an example, we’ve looked at the prices of using the most well known high street Lacey Green estate agent

  • let only: 12 per cent of the total rent
  • rent collection: 15 per cent of the total rent
  • full management: 18 per cent of the total rent

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